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Custom/Hybrid NARD "Anime  Dragon Ball Z Collage" 14" x 5" Snare Drum. This is a very unique drum, designed and created by Bernard Lindeman, a Detroit area artist. The drum has a Vintage Mahagony (Stencil/Re-Ringed) shell, with the inside sealed in an Mahagony Stain. The outside shell is sealed with four coats of clear coat, then the collage is applied, finally, the drum is finished with four more coats of clear sealer. This drum is fitted with original Beaver Tail Style Lugs & Muffle, Gibraltar Tension Rods & Snare Strands, Universal Percussion Strainer & Butt Plate. Evans Heads Top and Bottom finish off this one-of-a-kind drum.




    Custom/Hybrid NARD Dragon Ball Z "Sticker Bomb 14" x 5" Snare Drum

    SKU: SNR_CUH_MIJ0103
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