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Where Can You Find Gretsch And Premier Drums?

Eventually, every drummer finds a drum manufacturer they prefer. There are a host of distinct drum manufacturers in the world, many of them represented right here at EDG Drumworks. We are particularly proud of our stock of Gretsch and Premier Drums.

Gretsch Drums has a long history in the US, and is famous for their “Great Gretsch Sound!” They design and build their drums to strike a balance between the raw emotion of music and the technical precision that the best drummers demand. These are versatile drums suited for many genres, and have attracted famous fans over the years. The celebrated Birdland Jazz Club kept Gretsch drums in the house, and both Phil Collins and Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones are longtime Gretsch adherents.    

Premier Drums started out in England before spreading across the world thanks to the powerful sound of their percussion instruments. After beginning in the 20s, they became known for their striking colors and strong sound. Thanks to that hard-hitting sound, they became favored by wild drummers and punks like Keith Moon, the Sex Pistols,and Blondie. Premier Drums, however, are versatile enough to provide a great sound to any ensemble.

Whichever drum brand and vintage you prefer, EDG Drumworks can get it for you. Stop by or call us up to find out which drums will be right for you.

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