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Does Your Favorite Music Store Have Ludwig, Slingerland, and Rogers Drums?

We stock several drum manufacturers that have become well-recognized and highly respected over the years. These include Ludwig Drums, Rogers Drums, and Slingerland Drums.

Ludwig Drums started out over a hundred years ago, but has always adapted with the times as their drums grew in popularity. Its snare drums in particular are massively successful, thanks to the smooth round perfection of the bearing edge and precision form of the snare bed. They’ve become the most toured and recorded snare drum in the world.

Of course, Ludwig Drums are also beloved for their beautiful aesthetics and celebrated legacy. Such legendary drummers as Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr, and John Bonham swore by their Ludwig drums. You can’t go wrong with this industry standard.

Slingerland Drums also go back more than a century, and although their production is currently paused, we still carry many drums from their excellent range. Slingerlands made their name in the jazz genre, beloved by names like Gene Krupa. They’ve also been favored by Chicago, and Elton John’s band.

Today, though, Slingerland Drums might be best known for their marching drums. Known for their vintage appeal and distinctive sound, these drums have been a staple of marching bands nationwide for decades. Whatever type of Slingerland you’re interested in, you’ll find plenty to appreciate in our store.

Rogers Drums has an even longer history than the other two companies, and their drums are regarded as true classics. They were especially popular in the swing and big band era after WWII, and this is known as their greatest period of innovation. However, their modern drums are equally excellent, with a high-end line of handcrafted snares.

Whichever brand you choose, you can depend on a quality product when it comes from EDG Drumworks. Let us know what drum legacy you’d like to join, and we’ll hook you up with a great kit at a fair price.

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