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Slingerland 1953-56 Windsor Radio King 6-N Gold Sparkle Vintage Drum Set. This is a One Owner kit that is in excellent condition. The shells, wrap, badges, and drum hardware are very very nice! The wrap is tight without any discoloration, and the shells are perfect without cracks or dents. All hardware is nickel plated without pitting. Snare strainer, butt plate , snare strands, and internal muffle work as they should. All the cymbal hardware including mounts work as they should. All components, including the Gene Krupa Stands are fully functional and look great. The cymbals are the Italian "Stanople" 12" and 10" that Slingerland sold with their sets. Shell Sizes include: 22" x 14" Bass Drum, 13" x 9" Rack Tom, and 14" x 5.5" Snare Drum. Bass Drum pedal works well and looks to have either the original or period correct beater. Cowbell, Wood Block, and Mount are also in good shape. Bass Drum Hoop paint is solid, as are the hoops themselves. Overall, this is a MINT Vintage Kit set back in time. 

Slingerland 1953-56 Windsor Radio King 6-N Gold Sparkle Drum Set Complete

SKU: Slingerland 58
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