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with Richard Poole

As far as I can remember back, music and musical instruments were always available in some form or another. My grandfather played violin and piano. My father was a drummer and working musician.

My grandmother on my mother’s side played the organ, so there was always some type of musical instrument around to play with, no matter where I was. Playing or listening to music was as natural as breathing for me. My father’s enthusiasm and excitement towards playing and practice was a huge influence.

The guitar hit me like a ton of bricks, as soon as my fourth grade teacher Mr. Bob Morrow brought an acoustic guitar into the classroom. From that moment on I knew that the guitar was going to be my main instrument. My father bought that very same guitar for $35 from my teacher when he wanted to sell it. I played it all the time. By fifth grade it was electric time! By high school I was toting a Fender Strat everywhere I went. George Appleman, my high school band teacher, was a big influence on me as well. I was in Jazz Band “Taft Road Jazz Society”, and also concert band. That is all I remember about high school, making music and playing guitar – it was all that mattered. I have been in several bands through the years, leading up to the Meldrum Brother’s Band. I have always said it’s one thing to be playing in a band with band mates; it’s unbelievable to be doing it with your best friends.

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