• 1930’s Ajax Black Marine Pearl Snare Drum

  • Slingerland 3 Piece Drum Set Shell Pack (2)

  • 1953 Lincoln (Premier/UK) Mahogany Student Model Snare Drum

  • Custom Ludwig Accent 4 Piece Set

  • Variety of Student Model Snare Drum & Bell Kits

  • Custom/Hybrid 4 Piece Drum Set Shell Pack

  • Slingerland 1950's Gold Sparkle Set

  • Pearl/CB Vintage Concert Tom Set

  • Rogers Script Badge Dynasonic Snare Drum

  • Vintage Hardware Cymbal Stands, variety of brands

  • Slingerland 14" x 10" Snare Drum (2)

  • Variety of Vintage Hardshell Snare Drum Cases

  • Variety of Travel Softshell Snare Drum Cases

  • Multiple Consignment Drum Set & Snare Drum Products

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